So, You Want to Cleanse?

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Intermittent Fasting...



Scary right?

Not anymore!

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Average person loses 9lbs per month

How Toxic

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This is me. No touch up, no filters, it's just me. Pure. Healthy. Fit. 12 years and counting! Barbilee H.

What if we could...

Move beyond the "one-size-fits-all" approach to wellness?

It's a well known fact that people who "diet" typically quit, get bored or worse lose some then end up gaining it back in a relatively short period of time...a matter of months even!

This isn't a "one and done" kind of program, this is a lifestyle program. Participants in our programs incorporate intermittent fasting in their routine and they maintain their health. Intermittent fasting, or cleansing, is a foundational component to natural wellness.

Our program helps you control your appetite, balance your metabolism and give you the ability to stay on track with your wellness goals.

9 Day Cleansing System

The 9 Day System is an effective way to jumpstart your detox. Everyone knows the body detoxifies naturally, but so many people stress their natural abilities to handle the toxins in their lives. Some people have found that a 9 Day System is just what they need to start on their wellness journey.

30 Day System

You A deeper and more sustainable system is the 30 Day System. It included everything the 9 Day System does and so much more. It is highly effective at a creating the solid start to a healthier lifestyle. We are not a "one-and-done" kind of cleansing program. We believe in over all wellness, longevity and optimal health.

What is a SHAKE DAY?

What is a CLEANSE DAY?

What Customers are Saying

“It really has helped my husband and I improve our performance in all our activities, like hockey, karate, marathons, just to name a few. We go longer, harder and we recover faster. Neither of us had any weight to lose, we actually gained, lean muscle!!"

- Jessica N.

“As I never knew I could feel this good. I knew I need to take better care of myself, but there is so much info out there, I just decided to do nothing. I am so glad I met the team here. If I feel this good after 30 days, what will the next 30 bring? Or 300?? I can't wait!"

- William P.

If not this, then what? If not now then when?

Your results are your results. There are no guarantees. Your body is yours and you get to choose how you treat it. When you join us and use our systems, we can guarantee you that you will be part of a community that wants you to succeed. We will be responsible to you but you must be responsible for you.

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